Are the devotional stories copyrighted?

Unless specified otherwise all stories are original, written by the author.  It is my goal to share the Word of God with people everywhere.  Thus, I give permission to share the stories with others.

Why is there a difference in price for books purchased directly from the author compared to purchase on

Amazon prints books as they are ordered.  Their books are not signed by the author but otherwise are the same book.  They can be purchased for less on Amazon, although you may have shipping costs.  Books purchased directly from the author (through email) can be signed by the author.  The author has agreed to ship books for free within the continental United States.  I keep a stock of book on hand so I can mail it to you as soon as I receive payment (via check).  Book sale revenue is used to support the ministry (website costs, transportation and seed money for my next book).

Is the author available for speaking engagements?

I am glad to speak to groups upon request. This is my personal ministry.   I have spoken to book clubs, adult church groups, service clubs and Christian conferences.  I would be glad to speak to youth and teen groups as well.  My message is Christian-based.  It can be modified for civic clubs but does reflect a Christian message.

I do ask for an opportunity to have my books for sale at the end of my presentation.  I do not charge for speaking engagements or travel if they are within a 50 mile radius of Kernersville, North Carolina (between Winston-Salem and Greensboro, NC).  Please message me with the dates of your requested speaking engagement.